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X Country Season Begins!

I finally feel like I am coming out the other side after injuries and crashes, it was so nice to put my racing shoes on again!

As winter comes X country season begins, and boy it was super hard!

The first Oxford league race was in Bicester and although the course was flat, it was mega windy which made it tough.

This year the league had decided to use the same distance as the men, so for some this was going to be a challenge in itself, I personally prefer the longer distance as I am not as speedy as some over the shorter distance, although I know there was lots of animosity over this.

This was the first race I was going to get to race with Swindon Harriers and very excited to wear the vest, however due to me being very unorganised I had forgotten to renew my membership so sadly had to race as a guest so no vest or result for this one. Good news I have now rejoined.

The race itself consisted of 3 loops (1 small, 1 medium, 1large), this I quite liked although think i would have preferred to start with the longer loop as by the end I was knackered and the finish looked miles away.

The course was just over 8km long and I was hoping to pace it so I would have a little in the tank towards the end, and although I kind of hit a wall just over 6km for half a km I managed to then push through and pick up pace again. I think this is just due to lack of fitness after recent injuries.

I throughly enjoyed racing with these lovely ladies!

I can't wait for the next one.

I am looking forward to keeping you all updated with my winter training, ready to hit the triathlon scene again next year!

Chao for now!


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