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2023 season is near!

So 2023 has not started great for me.

I had to make the decision to pull out of the Manchester marathon which is in April due to injury.

My hip I thought had healed and I had started running again. I was slowly building on time rather than speed, but then got aggravated once I started increasing my intensity.

So back to square one.

Although frustrating I feel that I still have time before the triathlon season. I can still swim, bike and gym so all will be fine.

I know most of you are aware about my moan on facebook the other month regarding affordable races, it totally sucks but it just means more local racing for me this year.

Although triathlon has been my main focus in life I have finally started to realise there is more to life than just triathlon. YES HARD to believe but there is!

I was listening to a podcast the other day with Olivia Mitchell who is a pro triathlete and she even mentions about enjoying other things in life as well as training.

I fully get this, as there must be a good balance of training and everyday life.

Plus if you get this balance right it can work in your favour for racing.

So many people over train or don't train clever.

I am hoping to try complete my blog on my journey through this years racing and give you perhaps helpful advice or tips on training, racing and everyday life stuff.

I am not a great writer so apologies for the posts perhaps not being 100% on grammar and spelling.

I am keen to add in my feelings throughout the season whether they are positive or negative as, come let's not lie life is completely full of ups and downs.

Anyway I look forward to telling you all about my first TT of the year which is next week.

But before that I will leave you with a lovely picture of my beautiful TT bike that I got to take out today.


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