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Race Week

Only 2 days to go until I get to enjoy and suffer on this amazing Island, I have waited a long time for this day to come.

I get a chance to race against the best Ironman athletes in the World, and to be honest I am so excited about it.

This time last year I was thinking I had plenty of time to train, I will be flying by the time Kona comes around, then all of a sudden its here, work, injuries and life in general just takes over and the training you hoped you could do you haven't and the injuries you didn't expect happen, everything just seems to hinder that fitness or goal that you wanted to reach before race day. Even now 2 days before the race and I am suffering with a really annoying sore throat and cold, but hey, everyone is in the same boat.

It's just funny how some things you just can't control.

I have been told by a few people now to focus on things you can control and not what you can't, this has helped me a lot this week, as its so overwhelming when you get on this Island, you see all these athletes going out training for hours and hours and its makes you feel like you aren't training enough, its so hard to ignore it. I am staying with my sister and brother in our own little apartment which has kept me away from most of it, don't get me wrong I have been into town to enjoyed a morning of seeing what's going on but I could see how you could completely loose focus on why you are here.

This place is such a magical place I can see why so many athletes want to come back, for me this is most likely a once in a lifetime opportunity so will give it my best shot.

This course isn't just about how fit you are but how tough mentally you are too, I had the goal to podium here but after getting here and learning the course and being here in the heat for the last 2 weeks, all I can think is that I will be happy to finish. I know the first time racing in Kona doesn't always go to plan, so I am just going to concentrate on trying to get all the controllable things spot on to make sure I have a good race.

I hope to see you guys on the other side of this epic day I am going to have on this epic Island.

My number is 1952 if you fancy downloading the Ironman app and following the race.

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