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Rest done, winter training here we come

After the biggest and most awesome race of my life last month, I have enjoyed a few weeks where I just rested and caught up with friends and family. You soon realise that most of your life is spent working, training, eating and sleeping. Not sure about any of you but I can definitely get so focused on training that you forget all the other people around you. So thank you again to all my friends and family for putting up with me.

So it's now time to get back to it and start planning my race season for 2020. It's still a little bit up in the air at the moment, but hoping I have a clearer idea in the next few weeks.

So my race season might not be decided on yet however I am very happy to announce I will be racing for team Vitfor again next year. They have been very supportive to me throughout the past 2 years and am keen to do them proud for next year.

So far I have been enjoying my morning swim sessions with South West Swim.

It definitely is a great way to keep motivated over the winter, it makes getting up in the dark a lot easier, plus Jason has been really helping me with my swim technique so I can swim faster for next year.

I have been riding out at the weekends with Swindon Wheelers. These guys are a very friendly group, they are very welcoming. Although the fast group are pretty competitive and sometimes feels like your holding on for dear life! I know I will be grateful when it comes to race season.

Crazy people still in shorts brrrrrrrrr.

So at the moment training is just ticking along nicely, trying to keep on top of my stretching to stay injury free.

I am also busy at work which is great and am so glad to see my business getting busier every month, I always say it but I am so lucky to enjoy my job.

Happy training everyone!

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