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"I’d really recommend working with Corinne or coach Cozza as I affectionally referred to her.

She has tons of race experience at a high level coupled with a fun and caring nature.

Over the time I worked with her my performance improved significantly, in particular my swim and bike.  I had a few injuries which affected my run consistency.

She also worked with me on the confidence aspect as we felt this was holding me back.  

I achieved my highest ever age group placing in GB qualifiers."



Nick x

"I have been seeing Corinne now for sometime. She is not only incredibly professional, personable and sorts out all of my little injuries, but she is also really passionate about her job and sport. So, she understands the physical demands athletes face. I highly recommend Corinne!! :)))

Felix Wernham

"Highly recommended professional with a proven track record in sports and performance adding extra depth and knowledge to her massage skills, 10 out of 10 from me!"
Lizzie Pace 
"At the start of the year I was given Corinne's details to aid in my Paris Marathon training, upon our first meeting I was extremely impressed with her knowledge and understanding of not just sports massage but endurance training in general. So far I have recommended five other clients for sports massage and all have had the same high standard experience. If you are in need of top quality sports massage look no further."
Leigh Guilbert
Apex Athletic

"Have already recommended Corinne to friends and family. She has a way of finding just the spot that needs attention, and has helped me loads over the past year."

Rebecca Tarn Haestier


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