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Cozza is back and racing is in full swing!

After struggling for the past 2 years with injuries and trying to find the love for racing again, the 2022 season has been a great one so far.

In May I raced the 51 fiver olympic triathlon and was 1st Lady, super happy with this result as my goal was to finish injury free.

Last weekend I raced at the Cotswold 113 hoping to just get around as hadn't completed a 70.3 since 2019. Not only did I complete the race I managed to pick up 2nd place, again super happy with myself as finally beginning to feel like I did in 2019. Sometimes you just need to be patient, and this is defiantly one of my weaknesses.

I have always struggled with self belief when it comes to anything I do, work, training, life in general. These last few years after hitting such a high at Kona in 2019 (Ironman world champs), I have really suffered with anxiety, and felt completely lost in life. There were times when I would have a panic attack and just sit at home feeling like I couldn't breath, worrying about things, this would also happen out training not great when you're in a pool.

Its been such an amazing feeling to finally be coming out the other side of this dark place, so thank full to have some amazing friends to help me get through it. Its a horrible feeling when you feel alone and anxious and I suggest to anyone feeling like this please talk to someone about it as I didn't for a long time and it honestly doesn't get better until you do.

Anyway no more feeling sorry for myself, things happen for a reason and its made me stronger and more motivated to carry on with racing.

Super excited for the rest of the season!

Don't forget its good to talk


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