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Ups and Downs over the past few months

Its been a busy few months!

I spent a few weeks recovering from Ironman Lanzarote, then decided in July to attempt a 100 mile TT up in Yorkshire which was a big learning curve.

I have completed a 50 miles TT in which I broke the course record.

July and August I completed a few swim races and a middle distance triathlon, all of these races I learnt in, whether it was understanding a bit more about my nutrition or needing to tweak my bike a little.

None of these races went smoothly, something would always happen, but hey that's why its good to practise.

Over the past 2 months I have also had a slight niggle around the front of my hip, in which all athletes acknowledge but also kind of try to ignore it thinking it will go away, and guess hasn't.

I am having to take a step back before Kona to see if I can get it sorted as its less than 10 weeks until the biggest race of my life.

I know I am not the only athlete trying to recover from an injury, I know a few amazing triathletes trying to recover quickly so they can also race again.

However, when it happens to you it feels like it's the end of the world.

I begin to get down about the problem and begin to think that perhaps Kona is never going to happen.

I should feel grateful that I am still alive and can live life, I feel guilty when i feel like this as there are so many people worse off than me. You can easily become selfish when you are so wrapped up in something you want to achieve.

I am so so so great I have an amazing family and friends, I feel so lucky to have friends that are always there to chat to, truly thankful that they put up with me.

I know I am talking a lot but feel like sometimes you need to get it off your chest, and perhaps others feel the same, end of my rant.

So less than 10 weeks to go, I am going to try and do a weekly blog on how my rehab is going plus and how I train leading up to Kona. I am determined to make it there injury free and try my hardest get get on that podium.

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