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I love riding my bike!

So its been about a month since I wrote a blog, so thought I best update whats going on in the life of Cozza (moi!)

Since my little fall at the TT last month, I had been a little sore but fully recovered now, it was a shame it cost me a fortune to fix my bike but hey ho thats life. Least my bike is all sorted now and raring to go! This weekend I have Bristol 25 mile TT, looking forward to giving it some beans.

As most of you know I had a great opportunity to go out and work for an amazing cycle touring company called Mellow Jersey.

I had such a great time meeting new people and visiting some awesome places, I highly recommend Mellow Jersey if you are thinking of going on a cycle training holiday.

Whilst I was out there I helped out on a womens cycling camp, it was pretty full on but loved every minute. The main group of women that were out with us was a womens cycling club from London called BellaVelo's.

BellaVelo were such a welcoming club, I hope they enjoyed the week as much as I did.

In the daytime I would help take group rides and in the evening I would offer sports massage, I am so happy I have been asked to go out to help on the 312, 4 weeks to go!

This week has been a nice recovery week on the bike, but running and swimming has been in full swing, trying to find my swimming arms again.

The weather has been great this week, throughly enjoyed running around the Ridgeway, I love running off road, its a nice way to strengthen the legs without running on tarmac all the time.

Hope everyone enjoys this lovely weather!

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