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TT season has started!

So its been just under a month since training camp with my team mates, and I have been having the training camp blues. I missed the guys so much I travelled up to Harrogate last week to spend a few days with them.

During my time up there I managed to get 1 x swim session, 1 x interval run, 1 x bike then a brick run, plus a crazy dip in a river with no wetsuit on.

Not only did I train but also got to meet a newbie in the Vitfor team, mini watt bombs- baby Matthew, he was very cute. I also managed to eat a lot of cake! Elles' bakes the best cakes ever, I swear she is trying to get me fat.

I have been carrying a slight little niggle with my ankle so I decided to drop my volume of training a little over the past few weeks but seems to have done the trick as I completed my first time trial of the season on Sunday. It didn't go as smoothly as I was hoping but still had a good result for me. I can now build on this for future TT's.

Pre time trial, myself and Jess decided to drive around the course just to familiarise ourselves, it was quite a technical and hilly 24 mile course.

Although we did this I still managed to make a mistake.....

I warmed up well, once I started the TT I tried to be sensible and take it steady to start with as I am rubbish at time trials and always go off too hard at the start and go bang way before the finish.

I was feeling good and over half way round, I knew there was a cheeky turn right then left, and although I knew it was coming I must not have slowed down enough and went into the corner way too fast and must have caught some gravel as well as before I knew it my bike have gone from underneath me and I went skidding across the road. "what an idiot!" thats the polite version.

I was in pain but thought wow I don't feel like I have broken anything so I jumped back on the bike and tried to carry on, I quickly realised that i had broken my bar end shifters so my gears weren't working, plus my knee was starting to feel sore and noticed I had a nice bit of road rash. Although my bike didn't want to change gear I carried on as had to go past the finish to get back to the HQ. I am pretty sure I was able to push through any pain as my adrenaline was high.

Once I had finished I noticed all my grazes and holes in my skin suit, what a muppet.

I was very happy to come 2nd even with a crash as really wasn't feeling strong leading up to it but resting must have done me good.

So my road rash is slowly healing and looking forward to my next TT this Sunday!

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