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Lanzarote Training Camp!

Well Lanzarote has not disappointed so far!

We are currently on day 7 and we have had sun, rain and lots of wind, I am not complaining as this I much better than what the UK is having. I hear it has been snowing......

This week I have had the opportunity to train with some great athletes and gain some handy tips for racing this year.

I am really looking forward to racing with my team mates from team Vitor!

Throughout the week we have familiarised ourselves with the Ironman Lanzarote bike course plus also played up some other tasty climbs like Femes and tabyassco.

Today was a rest day so have managed to just chill out and enjoy sitting in a cafe and eating crepes and drinking coffee.

During my rest day, I have have been able to reflect on my training and how it is progressing, I have a good idea what I need to work on over the next few months before race season starts.

Looking forward to the next few days of training before we then head back to the freezing cold UK.

I have very much enjoyed training like a professional for 10 days.

Exciting times to come!

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