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2019 is Here!!!

Crumbs, its come around quickly...

It feels like only yesterday I was beginning to get ready for my first year back at triathlon, it has been a whole year!

In this time I have raced won many races and qualified for Ironman World Champs this year, I am so excited.

However no doubt there will be some ups and downs on the road to Kona, to start with I have to try a save for the trip, and if anybody who knows me well will know that in itself will be a challenge.

Over the past few months I have let my anxiety and inner chimp get the better of me when it comes to thinking about money and training.

Its crazy as to how much time I have wasted worrying about things and not enjoying the present moment, constantly thinking about things that have happened or that might happen. I get told lots by my other half that I am a worrier, I am going to prove him wrong this year. I am going to enjoy every moment in life.

I love my family, work and training, I couldn't ask for anything more. No more negative crap.

So on a positive note, my training is going really well, I recently enjoyed racing at the Gloucestershire X country champs, such a well organised event and would highly recommend it for next year!

I have been riding a lot with a group of friends most Sundays over the past month and I must say it is nice to ride with people who push you and motivate you in this cold damp time of year. Don't get me wrong I know a lot of Ironman athletes do train on their own and I enjoy that too, but sometimes its great to chat with friends as the time on the bike goes so much quicker.

Looking forward to some sun on training camp with my team mates!

So my next big race that I am aiming for is Ironman Lanzarote in May.

I am hoping to use this as a gauge to see how I cope in the heat, as I have never raced in the heat before and wanted to be as prepared as possible for Kona. Plus this will be a good time to get my nutrition sorted, as I am aware that this is a weak point for me.

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