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Winter months are coming!

As the nights get shorter, its always harder to then get outside to train after work.

Although with my work I can mostly get my training done before or in between clients, I am pretty lucky compared to most people, as a lot of athletes work 9-5 jobs and have no choice other than to keep going even when the winter months are coming.

Even though I might not work full time hours my job is quite physical, trying to give 5+ sports massages day is hard, but I love it and wouldn't change it for the world.

I know my motivation this winter will be thinking about next season, and how I want to do well at Kona. I have a whole year to train for it which is great, it gives me time to build my training slowly and try to stay injury free. I don't want to rush back into training hours and hours a week and too be fair my Vitor plan is very good at not making me over train, not once this year after racing have I felt fatigued, ok perhaps it means I haven't pushed myself hard enough racing but I don't think that is the case. I believe its because I followed my plan to the T and this meant I was able to recover well and stay injury free.

Its easy to get carried away about what races to enter next year season, as my main event will be Kona in October, I have decided to race at Ironman Lanzarote in May as I think this would be good prep for Kona. It allows me time to test out nutrition and equipment, etc. plus time to recover ready for Kona.

Yet again I cant say how grateful I have been to have such amazing supports from sponsors, I also would like to say a thank you to Cats Solutions. Cats Solutions are a local printing company that have been also very supportive to me and hope to do them proud next year.

I have begun running with my local running club 'Cirencester Athletics', and this is to help me gain knowledge from other runners and just enjoy running with other people, I love running on my own but also nice to get a little competitive when it comes to interval training. Although I am always at the back of the fast group, I know in the long run its going to help.

So thats about it from me, will try giving another up date soon, right I best get back to work, hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Maybe a park run PB for me tomorrow........


If you are ever interested in what training I am getting up to over the winter months please check out my twitter @Corinne_Vitfor as I am putting little clips up.

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