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Ups and Down's

So its been a good few months since I wrote anything about how my training and racing is going. Its been a busy few months with work and trying to fit in training for this Ironman Wales I seemed to have entered.

I know my job isn't full time hours so some people might think I am just a light weight, I am always getting comments about that I only work part time. Well, perhaps when you had all the massage treatments together, yes I am only part time but the hours in-between I cant always fit anything kind of training related in. So this is when I begin to get anxious and worry all the time about whether I am going to be faster enough for Wales? Am I going to get around? I want so badly to qualify for Kona. All these things running around my head. Ahhhhh........... I does my head in!

I sometimes have to take a step back, or just listen to Trevor when he says theres no point in worrying about it, don't make yourself ill. Just having last Saturday off and visiting family made me realise how engrossed you can get in training, and then forget about everyone else around you. I love training and racing but you only live once.

There have been many loses this year of people so young, it makes you realise you must enjoy everyday as it comes, and so what if you miss a swim session out due to running out of time or deciding to spend it with family or friends, don't panic about it.

I know I am ranting but I bet there are millions of sports people that are exactly the same, if you stay positive you always train better, negative thoughts just hinder your training and racing.

Over the best few months I have been up and down with training, but its slowly coming together, I am feeling the strongest I have ever felt in my swimming, thanks to all the swim podium guys helping me, its really pushed me.

My biking is not really getting any faster but my endurance is better, and for the running well this is always going to be the tough one, I am still working hard at it. Once ironman Wales is completed, I will spend the winter focusing on my running.

4 more weeks to go!

Anyway I have run out of coffee so best get to work. x

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