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The triathlon season has nearly begun!

So, Mallorca 70.3 is less than 2 weeks away.

I am feeling confident I will get round but how quickly is another question...........

I came back to triathlon thinking my bike would be the strongest discipline however since running and swimming more my bike legs feel like they have just disappeared.

Life in general has been very busy and perhaps thats why my legs are screaming NO!

Looking forward to racing in Mallorca so thats the main thing.

Bring on the sun!

Not only do I have Mallorca 70.3 next week but also its not long until my crazy Ultra X Triathlon in the Lake District, its only 6 weeks away.

I am loving my new TT bike, specialized shiv all the way!

Although I feel like it can go faster than me at the moment, I am hoping race day it will come together. Will give you a full update after the race next week, happy training in the sun!

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