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Its been a few weeks!


Yes I have been a bit rubbish with keeping you all up to date with my training over the past few weeks. I am not sure where the time has gone!

Training has been going well, I have struggled with a little niggle in my hip but is much better now after stretching and looking after it properly, with this I mean listening to my body when it says rest. I know many people including myself that try to ignore little niggles and carry on with training, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. I have learnt not to risk it and just rest and try to do something about it before it gets worse.

I found not running for a week and just focusing on my biking and swimming worked, I am now back running pain free and looking forward to a good few more weeks of training before my first big race, Mallorca 70.3.

I am nervous and excited about Mallorca 70.3, its less than 5 weeks until race day. I am constantly thinking have I done enough training? could I get a top 3 in my age group? Could I win? All these questions flying around in my head, really I should just be grateful that I am going. Its been a tough winter finically and am so happy I had managed to get some money together to afford to go. I am also super lucky to have been supported by our team and sponsors which have helped me with a bike, kit and equipment, without them I would definitely not be racing.

I am determined to get on the podium this year to do the team and sponsors proud.

Last week, I took another trip up to Harrogate for a bike fit with Craig at Specialized, although it was a long trip up there it was definitely worth it. I have ridden my Shiv a few times now and it feels super fast! I am looking forward to having a go at our local 10 TT on Thursday, I will keep you up to date on how it goes. Happy training! x

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