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Trip up to Yorkshire to meet Team Vitfor!

Last weekend I took a trip up to Yorkshire to meet my new triathlon team 'Team Vitor', although the journey was long it was defiantly worth it.

I left on the Friday with my car full of training kit and bike, not knowing what the weather was going to do. I was staying with a fellow team mate called Eleanor, I was super excited to finally meet her as we had spoken a lot on the phone but not actually meet.

Eleanor is a professional triathlete who recently had an operation on her hip and on the road to recovery, really looking forward to racing with her soon!

On the Friday evening the team all meet together for dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant , really recommend the place, however forgotten the name of it. Whoops.

Saturday a few of us headed to the local swimming pool for a fast swim session, don't think I had swam 10 x 100's off 1.45 for a while, or 10 x 50's off 45 secs. It was a tough but great session.

Due to the weather being pretty snowy the bike ride was cancelled and had a very pleasant breakfast with some of the guys. If they do this every weekend I am defiantly moving up to Harrogate!!!

Saturday afternoon was a pretty chilled out, we went for a snowy walk with Eleanor, Craig, Fi and Rupert their dog. Eleanor also took me to an amazing coffee shop called Bean and Bud, highly recommend this place.

Sunday was another swim session, followed by a little run with Craig, who is another team member and Co-founder at Vitor.

It was a shame I didn't get to ride around Yorkshire dales but there will be other times I am sure.

I left Yorkshire feeling very excited about the season ahead, not only had I meet with some great people but also left with my new time trial bike, helmet and shoes!!!

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