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Super excited about the weekend!

After a couple of weeks were life has had its ups and downs, I am getting the chance to head up to Yorkshire to meet my new triathlon team!

I am super excited about it, not only am I picking up my new team kit and bike frame but also getting the chance to meet the Vitor team members.

It will be great to chat to like minded people and grab some tips for how to prepare for my season ahead.

I am still enjoying the swimming which is a good thing, Steven Cryer and Dona have been yet again a great help to my swimming. I have to admit I am not a natural swimmer its been very hard to get where I am and I still have a long way to go, but determined to get a sub hour in my Ironman swim one day.

"What doesn't kill you make you stronger"

A very short blog update, but I will give you all an update on how the weekend went next week!

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