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Finding it tough to train in the snow!

I love the snow, but when your stuck at your parents house with no car, no bike and no swimming pool close by its bloody annoying!

This week I have found it near impossible to get in my normal training in due to this weather we are having. I tried to go out on the bike Tuesday and Wednesday but didn't get far due to it being so cold. I was dressed up warm but the cold just gets on your chest and then you can't do any specific session. I decided to get to the gym Wednesday night to get an extra hour on the bike, but that didn't go so well as I had borrowed a turbo (which I was very grateful for), however I managed to fall off as the bike came off the turbo, rather embarrassing, and then was to nervous to work hard after the fear off falling off again!

Thursday it began to snow and I decided to try and go for a run, as I was trying to run off road I got lost and ended up miles away from my parents house. As the weather was getting worse my hands were beginning to freeze and it felt like forever to run home. Least I got to run, shouldn't complain.

Friday and there was no training for me, I had lost all motivation to go for another run and as I didn't have a turbo trainer I couldn't ride my bike. The snow had caused chaos outside my parents house as they live in the middle of no where, so I couldn't drive anywhere either.

As work was cancelled due to the weather, today I decided to get up early and try and get a long run in, I managed a very slow 11 miles. I loved the run as it was so peaceful and beautiful, the only problem was I must have gone over on my ankle a million times. I am pretty sure I haven't injured anything but still frustrating.

This week = No long bikes for me, plus no quality runs, lets hope next week it gets better, I haven't got long until my first 70.3 (half ironman).

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