1 Week to go!

The first crazy event that I am attempting this year is called 'The Crooked Tracks Wiltshire'. Its a 6 hour trail run, each lap is 5.3 miles with over 800ft of climbing. I think I might have been slightly drunk when I entered this.....

In regards to training for this, I haven't, well I have a little but I have never done anything like this before so very unsure how I was to train for it. Over the past few months I have only been able to fit in 2 runs a week. Tuesday nights I run with Cirencester AC which is a great interval session and Saturdays which are my long run days. Most of them were anything from an hour to 2 hours. Last Saturday I managed to fit in a 3 and half hours in, this i kept my heart at zone 2. I found that this was very slow but worked really well. Just hope I can last another 2 and half hours in less than 2 weeks!

One thing I do know is that my nutrition will be very important, I will hopefully take energy bars and gels. I love eating so won't have a problem with fuelling. As its now less than 2 weeks before the race I am going to taper down the long runs and next week train very lightly in swimming, biking and running.

I will let you all know how it goes!

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